I Finally Figured Out How to Bend Spoons With My Mind

How to Bend Spoons with Your Mind

You’ve seen the movie The Matrix right? Nothing describes my worldview better than this blockbuster hit (other than maybe Buddhism, the movie Waking Life, or the Zen-hipsterness of The Dude – I find inspiration in everything). Back to spoons. I’m currently reading How to See Yourself as You Really Are by the Dalai Lama. In it, he talks about nothingness – how everything is really nothing. WhaWha?? I know right? What the heck are you talking about DL? Then, suddenly, a breeze brought with it an epiphany. The pace of life became like dripping honey, golden slow motion, smelling of organic … Read More

How to Become Fearless, Feel Confident and Take Risks Without Failing

how to be confident

You will never be fearless. You will often have to fake confidence, at least at first. Without failure – there is no success. My fears have been what’s compelled me to take risks. The more risks I took, the more confident I became. At 17, I graduated high school and immediately left the home I grew up in. I got a good job with my fancy computer skills and ability to write a decent memo. I feared being out in the world with no experience, but the world welcomed me. At 19, I was afraid of working in an office … Read More

9 Natural Remedies for Adrenal Fatigue & Stress that Don’t Include Popping Pills or Bloodletting

heal adrenal fatigue

Sometimes I cry blood. Not like bearing stigmata, more like pushing myself until all water in my body is sacrificed to a 24-hour idea tsunami. All that’s left to cry is blood. When my head hits the memory foam pillow at night, no sugar plums dance their astral waltz through my mind. It’s ideas. Eyes shut, blackness envelops, and the conference call between me and creativity commences. Sometimes this can go on for weeks at a time, leaving me near sleepless, with depleted cortisol stores. Instead of waking up refreshed and replenished, I crawl my way to anything containing caffeine. One … Read More

Riots, Rebellions & the Baltimore Uprising – Don’t Let Mainstream Media Think for You

Baltimore Uprising

Every time I look at another headline like “The Truth About Being a Badass Marketer,” or, “5 Ways to Tone Up Your Abs,” I just feel tired of the same old and ready for every individual to step up in some way. Personally, I can’t imagine blogging about anything other than #FreddieGray and the Baltimore uprising. I know it doesn’t fit in with everyone’s content calendar, and that life goes on beyond the uprisings. That’s exactly it though – life doesn’t go on for the Black men being killed by police. Literally thousands of uprisings have happened all over the world, throughout the … Read More

I’ve Got Enough Problems – I’m Supposed to Change the World Too?

change the world

The world is overrun by corruption, and terrible things are happening everywhere. Some days I think that way, and it’s just that simple. That’s when I eat a bag of mini-rolos, blitz my adrenal glands with an energy drink and watch Heathers for the 100th time. “I’ve got enough problems. I’m supposed to change the world too?” “I’d rather not think about that stuff so I can stay positive.” What if improving your own life could simultaneously change the world for the better? It’s just like running a business, writing a blog, or creating new habits. Your attitudes, choices and actions each … Read More

Are You Being Manipulated by Big Business?

Being manipulated

Would you want to be led by someone who thought you were stupid, irrational and completely controlled by your unconscious desires? Welcome to “democracy” in America. Thought Control as a Mainstream Tool In the 1920s, Edward Bernays, cousin of famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, partnered with American government, media and big business to use psychoanalysis to control the American public. They did this on the premise that we are primitive animals, unable to think rationally, and on the verge of insanity and chaos at all times. Together, Bernays and the systems in power, came up with a way to control all … Read More

REVOLUTION YOU Podcast Ep. 001 – Authentic Marketing and The Power of Vulnerability

the power of vulnerability

Welcome to my first podcast, both unofficial and a test of my own courage. It’s not easy putting yourself out there, but the power of vulnerability will set you free. Let me know what you think in the comments. Did you enjoy it? Does it make you want to jump out there too? HIGHLIGHTS: Developing an authentic brand is a process The hardest part is allowing yourself to be vulnerable What if they reject you? Do it anyway! Take action, consistently Take in constructive criticism, throw out the troll-talk Success is speaking to hearts and expanding minds Transcript from the show: … Read More