7-DAY Media Detox Revolution

media detox revolution

Media Detox Revolution went LIVE on 9/1/2016!

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    Stop Comparing & Gain Confidence

    You’re draining your creative energy by constantly looking at what others have done. There’s a time and place for market comparison, but it’s not while you are creating. Comparison takes it toll on your self-esteem too. Back away from the Internet, and regain your confidence!

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    Make Time for What Matters

    Nothing is more of a time-suck than social media and television. Do you crave real connection? Overcome that feeling of overwhelm by taking your time back and using it wisely.

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    Cultivate Inner Peace & Mental Clarity

    When our inner world feels jumbled and crowded, we need to take a step back from tech and media. Regain stability by reconnecting with your intuition and strengthening that inner voice.

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    Increase Creative Energy & Focus

    Simplify your life, and focus on your goals. Too many distractions will pollute your creative mind and keep you from putting out original work. Turn off and tune-in with the Media Detox Revolution!

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media detox revolution