mindful productivity with ella birt

Mindful Productivity for Highly Sensitive People and the Modern Mystic

To-do lists and schedules can be used as tools of control. That’s how it started for me. I had to wake myself up and get ready for school every day as a child. I started doing my own laundry at five years old and making my meals shortly thereafter.

I’ve been honing my systems and schedules since that tender time and healing the wounds of neglect by learning how to let love guide all I am.

Without self-compassion and mindful awareness, routines and productivity will always be a band-aid for what really needs our loving attention.

Mindful productivity is compassionate awareness.

When emotions have you in a whirlwind or you have limited choices available, controlling what you can might feel like the best thing to do. It feels like if you don’t take control, everything will fall apart. Do you ever really feel in control this way?

Checking things off the list provides a shot of dopamine, like coffee or wine, like a kiss or dancing. When you feel lost, dopamine helps you find yourself for one fleeting second. You allow yourself a brief bask in the feeling of worthiness having “done” something affords you.

What happens when you don’t achieve? What about when you need help or feel exhausted? Are you then worthless, broken, incapable? Do you feel unlovable?

mindful productivityMindful productivity grows unconditional love.

Being an over-achiever is how many of us define our worth on a regular basis, especially if you’re a highly sensitive person or multipotentialite (someone who is good at many things).

The truth is, life doesn’t require us to achieve anything to be valuable.

It’s easy to incorporate pieces of our experience into our vision of who we are or desire to be. Feeling depressed, being in a relationship, or being a meditator might feel like a rewarding or familiar identity to inhabit.

You are none of those things. They are feelings and activities to experience and passing moments that fade with time. They are not who you are at your core. We must shed what has defined us in the past to see ourselves as whole in this moment. 

Mindful productivity is letting go of control.

When I let go, I become present. Intuition takes over. I feel supported. I trust in and follow the flow where it takes me. I spend more time listening, observing, and responding instead of reacting.

To get to this space, I have to face my fears. I have to want peace and joy more than I fear feeling vulnerable.

What is it you really want? Do you want to be seen, to create meaning from suffering, to feel valuable or important?

We all want to make a vital contribution. We want to know our dreams and desires are obtainable. Often we’re so busy trying to be what others desire, we’re not sure of our own wants. 

Underneath societal conditioning and a variety of masks we wear, we lay vulnerable and hopeful with enormous power to create beauty and open ourselves to love.

Mindful productivity is both practical and profound.

As we explore who we are and what we need without judgment, we begin to soften – anxiety lessens, time becomes less threatening and more friendly. We can breathe in any moment and not be afraid of missing something. We feel connected, invigorated, and able to fulfill our needs and desires by taking action.

Mindful Productivity is about revealing who you are underneath the layers of protection. You begin to honor that person by reverently tending to your needs without judgment.

We develop a deep trust in ourselves by showing this level of care. You commit to befriending your fearful and resilient heart with the devotion and compassion for which it yearns.

When we need advice on how to be more productive, it’s easy to find a structure for goal-setting and getting organized. Highly sensitive people need more than templates. We need to connect these tools to our beliefs, emotional habits, and daily practices.

Mindful productivity is a path to connect us to what matters most. While we establish routines and rituals that make the most of our time, we also transform how we see ourselves and the world around us. We’re creating more time to live the life we have stirring inside.  

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