Should you need me … we can defeat the Goblin King and have you home on time for dinner.

We all have our own goblins, whether they be our repeating emotional patterns, how we view our relationship with time, or the systems we do or don’t use to organize our thoughts and goals.

I can help you focus on what’s most important, confront self-sabotage and figure out what to do next.

Mindful Productivity & Emotional Alchemy

I’d love to know more about you.

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Tarot Readings

If coaching isn’t what you fancy, maybe a reading calls to you.
I use the Osho Zen tarot deck to help me focus and see situations in a new light.
You’ll be delighted and amazed.
Contact me here to schedule a reading.

  • one card tarot reading

    Receive a one-card reading via email. You’ll receive a one-page PDF reading centered around your topic choice.

  • email tarot reading

    Receive a four-card reading of the past, present, future and your inner struggle via email. You’ll receive a two-page PDF reading centered around your topic of choice.

  • four card tarot reading

    Skype with me, audio or video, for a four-card reading on the topic of your choice. We can discuss the reading on the call and go in-depth. You’ll receive a PDF summary of your reading after the call.

Happy Clients

Ella held space for me perfectly. Her wonderful empathy helped me feel understood and affirmed. She provided just the right level of challenge, helping me reconnect with important values beyond an intellectual level. I wanted to find a way of bringing more balance into my life. Since our first session, I’ve relaxed into a better work schedule, and found a stillness in my meditation practice that I haven’t achieved for months. There were several profound moments of insight that helped me achieve this. I now have a plan to take days off, be more adventurous, and open to possibility. Ella was in touch with the values and philosophies I hold dear. It felt great to be gently reconnected with a beautiful wisdom/philosophy which I know on a deep level, but had momentarily lost touch with while pushing towards my goals.

Julie H., ME/CFS Wellness Coach

I very much enjoyed my coaching with Ella. I had my first coaching session ever with her! Ella made me feel comfortable to share my deepest thoughts freely. I had very little expectations when I signed up. I’ve never done any coaching before. However, I did want to clear my thoughts with Ella which she did so wonderfully and gracefully. Since our session, I’ve seen the necessity of establishing boundaries in order to move forward, and manage my time. It was powerful to have figured this out with Ella! The session gave me a feeling of connectedness and a boost in my energy. Ella shared some of her story with me. It was touching, and helped me feel understood. I’m definitely putting the insights we discovered to use. Ella is a good listener and counselor!

Crystal W., Architect, Artist and Jewelry Designer

I felt connected with Ella right away. She got me, really understood me, and everything she said resonated with me deeply. I came into the session wanting to be more clear-headed, feel lighter and relieved. That definitely happened for me, and I continued to allow myself more time and space, and to let go of my expectations, leaving me more open to what is. After letting go of some emotions that were holding me back, I feel a sense of freedom! For me, that change has been priceless! I felt so close to Ella. My heart felt unraveled, and a stone was lifted from my chest.

Emily N., Women’s Coach

Ella is a great listener, very gentle, and very committed. I needed help with a few things in WordPress. She prepared a lot of useful material and instructions, and explained them patiently. Extraordinary service! After talking about my technical challenges, I felt comfortable enough with Ella to share about more personal topics. Since then, I’ve opened up to others too, and feel a deep sense of relief and connectedness. The safe space she created, and her sensitivity, gave me the opportunity to process and reflect. Ella was well-prepared, easy going, loving and fun!

Kathrin B., Cultural Entrepreneur Coach, Cellist