Join everyday mystic, writer, and dreamer, Ella Birt, in the

Develop your innate intuitive powers, unlock your unconscious mind, and lead with your highest Self. 

Conscious Healing ~ Dreamwork ~ Intuitive Writing ~ Revolutionary Action ~ Collective Evolution



Are you sensitive, perceptive, and passionate about studying consciousness and healing? Do you want to enhance your daily spiritual practices by connecting to the unseen world and your own subconscious mind? Waking Dream Society is a community for self-study, dreamwork, and intuitive and collective healing.

COMING SOON! I care about intentional social media usage. This community will be hosted on Mighty Networks - free from the distractions and privacy issues of typical social-media based groups.




We are lifelong learners and intuitive healers carrying enormous gifts, but we need one another to find the way to self-actualization and collective expansion.

Fall 2020 will bring courses in embodying your intuitive self, knowing the difference between trauma and intuition, and knowing yourself deeply through intuitive writing.  



As we integrate our shadow and heal reactivity, our inner voice becomes our compass. Opening to this flow is a communion with all life and makes each day a mystery and each challenge a message. 

Learn to sense and see the messages of your unconscious mind in dreams, synchronicities, and daily life. Reveal your authentic self, embody your truth, and become your own oracle.

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