Let Go of Control: A Brief Visual Meditation

Life is a practice in letting go. To immerse ourselves in the present moment, we must let go of control, and let go of stories that no longer hold true. When we practice letting go without resistance, we allow ourselves …


Is It Healthy Realism or Crippling Self-Doubt?

People are always saying “trust your intuition,” but how can you tell when it’s self-doubt talking and not your inner wisdom? How do you know if you have a realistic perspective or if fear is keeping you from taking risks? …

responsibility self-interest

Responsibility vs. Self-Interest

My husband thinks we should be able to take our dog to the dog park and let her run around. I’d love that, but she needs socialization training. She gets overly-excited and jumps on other dogs. She doesn’t pick up …

how to bend spoons

I Finally Figured Out How to Bend Spoons With My Mind

I had an acquaintance-type friend once who joined a spiritual spoon-bending cult. He told me about it at a backyard party. I didn’t know anyone other than magicians took the endeavor quite so literally. While I’ve never successfully tried to …

intuition healing

Healing Advice for When You Feel Lost

Sometimes the answers are the easy ones, the ones that have been echoing in your head since the beginning. Clear the way for that voice. Release the habits that confuse or muddle that voice. You have a gift for creating …

emotional habits

How to Stop Being So Critical of Yourself [Exercises and Worksheet]

I remember watching my adoptive mother look at herself in the mirror and say, “I look like 10 lbs. of crap in a 2 lb. bag,” with her Queens, NY accent and her hands grabbing at her belly. She regularly beat up on herself emotionally. Every time I heard her, it broke my heart. When I criticize myself now, I know it’s her voice I hear in my head.