students make the best teachers

Students Make the Best Teachers

It’s interesting that we can think we have answers for anyone else because we’re under the illusion we’ve figured it out for ourselves. That’s the first clue we haven’t. Puzzles can be solved, boundaries can be set, theories can be formed, but self-knowledge is an infinite well in a village of one.

Anything we know about our own self will only continue to expand, and our assessment or discovery isn’t necessarily applicable to anyone else. The shadow (your unconscious) is your own to illuminate. There are shared experiences, common wisdom, but dictating to another with precise instruction exactly why or how they feel and why or how they should be is delusion. Especially since our own darkness only reveals itself one step at a time. We have much more to explore. 

We can each only share a tiny glimpse into what we’ve discovered for ourselves. We can only share what resonates in our bones when we hear it. And even then, those small wisdoms may not be our greatest truth in a moment’s time. 

We need not be in a hurry to teach anyone when we are all still students. And yet, students are the best teachers. Share the fruits of your own curiosity and truth-seeking with openness and honesty. We can keep one another company on the path.