“Indeed, it is not intellect, but intuition which advances humanity. Intuition tells man his purpose in this life.”  ~ Albert Einstein


I believe no goal is higher than manifesting ultimate love and compassion.

All I have done in my life has been ultimately in the name of opening my heart…It’s important to me to keep pushing the boundary, exploring my connection to the unseen and the energy that connects all things.

“Have you ever closed your eyes to eat?” she asked.

I was introduced to informal mindfulness that moment by my travel companion, Tinkerbell. We were living in her VW Bus, traveling the West Coast. At 19, I had already been out of the foster home I grew up in for over a year. I quit my job as an administrative assistant and went exploring.

Being an orphan gave me a different perspective on life and identity. There were no expectations on who I was meant to be, or what I should do. Life's lessons came with no study guide or safety net. I learned to be cautious in the areas that effected my survival, and courageous in my pursuit of passion, wisdom and expansion.

Throughout my journey, I’ve relied on two things to keep me somewhere in the realm of sanity - mindfulness and productivity systems.

Ancient wisdom was the loving mother I needed and wanted. Logic and organization were my safe places, my stability and launch pad.

Mindfulness kept my mind and heart expanding towards higher consciousness and unlocked deep insight and personal power. It taught me what it means to be present, loving, and stripped of judgment.

Productivity systems helped me learn to understand and communicate my priorities, reach goals and see how I’ve grown through tracking and journaling. Being organized gave me confidence and saved precious time. I always had a Plan B, Plan C, and the courage to drop all plans when I felt it in my bones.

Without these tools, I wouldn't have made it through my BS in justice studies at Arizona State University while working full-time in education and non-profit environments. Mindfulness and productivity helped me become an award-winning Toastmaster (public speaker) and highly requested discussion facilitator for the ASU SafeZone LGBTQIA awareness program. They also led me to becoming a conscious infopreneur teaching over 1,000 students on Skillshare.com how to pursue their creative dreams online.