“Indeed, it is not intellect, but intuition which advances humanity. Intuition tells man his purpose in this life.”  ~ Albert Einstein

I believe in a larger purpose for humanity. We are the embodied wisdom of the Universe seeking to know itself in new ways. Our emotions are messengers unlocking our greatest potential and reminding us of this purpose.

It is within our power to integrate the unconscious mind with the conscious self and to heal not only our own fragmented being and outdated narratives, but those of the world we live in.

We have the ability to create a world in which love, respect, and cooperation are the core values we live by. This is the vision, and it requires a transformation of each individual.

As an eternal student, I do not venture to teach, only to share what rings true and wise. I do not presume to have answers, only questions that illuminate the path in front of me. I can only hope to inspire your own questioning and provide you with good company on your own path. 

I see every moment of my life as a new opportunity to see beneath the veil of conditioning, to connect to my highest Self, to feel the connectedness of all things in my bones. Here I share with you my insatiable thirst for the truths of what it means to be human. Here I pose questions about how to best serve our world, how to be good to others, and how to be good to oneself. I invite you to share here with me, to help me learn, to connect.   

No goal is higher than manifesting ultimate love and compassion. All I have done in my life has been ultimately in the name of opening my heart…It’s important to me to keep pushing the boundary, exploring my connection to the unseen and the energy that connects all things.

ella birt

Our community, Waking Dream Society ™, is a place for true dreamers to access their subconscious mind, their higher Self, daily synchronicities, and to channel that wisdom into revolutionary action. With a combination of modern psychology, ancient mysticism, and intelligent systems, we bring forth evolutionary change within ourselves and our shared world.

Are you ready to join with other seekers and dreamers, to see yourself and others in new and joyful ways, and to take action on your dreams, evolving consciousness and reshaping our world?

Reveal your truest Self, create meaning to invigorate your days, find your people, affect the collective evolution of consciousness, and take revolutionary action on your dreams.

Welcome home.

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