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I love the glide of a fine tip, black gel ink pen on fresh textured paper.

Writing this way feels like my heart and mind are pouring out through the ink in slow motion.

When I need a blank canvas and no constraints, this is where I start. All of my projects, big and small, begin with free-form brainstorms in my Business Grimoire.

Why is it called a Business Grimoire?

business grimoireA grimoire is traditionally where a witch keeps her spells and invocations, magical instructions.

This book is where I write down my business goals and intentions and make dreams, once ephemeral, come to life on the pages. It contains instructions on how to bring about what I, and those who work with me, most desire.

While I’m a very practical woman, I’m also deeply spiritual. I see magic in all that is. I believe in synchronicity, energy, and the power of focus. What we focus on, or practice regularly, creates our reality. My grimoire helps me focus creative energy and practice birthing the gifts that live inside.

What types of stuff do I keep inside?

Ideas are born in my Business Grimoire. Any newborn thought or conversation is first spoken to those pages, then put inside my main writing drafts container, Scrivener, for further development.

mind mapIts pages hold:

  • mindmaps
  • brainstorms
  • outlines
  • timelines
  • journal entries
  • rough drawings
  • thoughts and ideas from conversations with kindred spirits and clients
  • explorations of my fears and hopes

I review this book monthly to choose the best ideas for the next stage of creation. For example, you’ll soon see a workshop on how to make your own mindmaps to work out problems, and I’ll include a video of how I set up my meal plans in Scrivener in my next online course.

How do you brainstorm? Do you have a system for reviewing your ideas? Is there something from my grimoire you’d like to know more about? Let me know in the comments below. 

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