Is It Healthy Realism or Crippling Self-Doubt?

People are always saying “trust your intuition,” but how can you tell when it’s self-doubt talking and not your inner wisdom? How do you know if you have a realistic perspective or if fear is keeping you from taking risks?

Starting anything is the hardest part of the adventure. Taking the first steps, usually alone in many senses, we’re afraid of how we’ll look if we fail. We’re afraid we won’t live up to people’s expectations if we succeed. We’re afraid of getting hurt, not being good enough, feeling exposed, or looking like a fool.

The reality is we’re lucky if any of those things happen to us. Life is a gift, and it’s fleeting. The world will not end if we look foolish, especially not if we laugh along and don’t take ourselves too seriously.


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The expectations of others aren’t what’s really stopping the success train. It’s likely fear of the unknown and limiting beliefs around personal capabilities.

Do you have two voices inside you saying contradictory things? These two perspectives keep battling over small details. One voice says you’ve got something special to offer. The other voice tells you nobody will care what you have to say. You’re too old, too young, or other people have already done what you want to do.

All of us have those competing feelings. Don’t let all that noise in your brain stop you from having a good time on this planet. Do your thing.

Look a little deeper, under the confusion and doubt. In the quiet space inside, you’ll find your wise inner voice. Trust her. Developing a deep trust in your instincts will help you see with a more balanced perspective and make decisions you can feel confident about.

We can tell ourselves any stories we want to corroborate our fears and keep us in our safe zones. We, humans, do it all the time – always looking for evidence that what we believe is true, especially when it comes to confirming our fears.

You might want to Pin this quick guide I made for you on how to recognize if you’re stuck in a fearful mode, or if you’re being realistic about your capabilities and possibilities.


You and I both know that making big decisions can come with a landslide of doubt and negative self-talk. On top of our own emotional challenges related to moving forward into the unknown, we may also have to deal with not-so-supportive external forces in our lives.

To make big choices and take on new challenges with confidence, plant your roots in mindful thinking and become familiar with how mindset effects time management and decision-making skills.

In my free mini-course, Get Started, Get Going, you’ll dip your toes into what it might look like to be your own best support system, building momentum and flow through consistent action and mindful thinking. Integrating these beliefs and practices into your daily life will help you feel more peaceful, powerful, and positive while taking on new challenges.

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If you’re still wondering if it’s healthy realism or crippling self-doubt that has you standing still, take a leap. Do that thing, take that calculated risk, and you’ll quickly find out what was holding you back. Not only that, you’ll be free from it too.

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